TechWadi Global Entrepreneurship Forum Held for the First Time in Beirut

The technology industry flourishes on the key contributions of Arab American professionals.

Maroun Chammas, Chairman & Managing Director, Berytech Technological Pole

The TechWadi Global Entrepreneurship Forum was held on June 23 for the first time in Beirut at the Olayan School of Business (OSB) at the American University of Beirut, supported by partner Berytech Technological Pole. TechWadi is the leading networking association for Arab and Arab-American professionals in the technology industry.

The Forum emphasized accelerating entrepreneurship and venture capital in Lebanon and across the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region, and brought together distinguished individuals united in their vision to create a vibrant world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dolly Chammas, Board Member of TechWadi, stated, “This is the first forum of its kind in the Middle East. We are following in the footsteps of similar forums in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.”

Dolly Chammas, Board Member, TechWadi

Joining the forum was a distinguished delegation led by the United States Department of State, including prominent business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs seeking to expand cross-border ties with the MENA region. This conference also offered opportunities for attendees to network with local and international investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.

Speakers at the conference addressed strategic topics, notably the key role of mentors and incubators in building the support infrastructure for start-ups; the application of best practices in venture capital, such as managing multi-stage funds; and the opportunities for technology transfer and collaboration between the U.S. and MENA. TechWadi speakers also addressed several U.S. programs aimed to foster entrepreneurship. Ossama Hassanein, President of TechWadi, remarked, “Through this discussion, we provided two answers: what makes Silicon Valley tick—and how to repeat it in the Arab region.”

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